Servants of Sleight

 90-Minute Magic Adventure 

You've worked your whole life for this. Years of endless practice, mentorships, and performances. You've perfected your illusions and sleight of hand. 


Gaining entry into The Servants of Sleight is quite possibly the hardest accomplishment any magician can make. Becoming a member would put you in the company of the greatest magicians to ever live.  

You've received a mysterious text inviting you to tonight's new-member initiation ceremony... but only if you can prove worthy of the honor.

You're ready. Now prove it to them.


THE EXIT GAMES FL WARNING: This room may cause you to believe that magic is real. Other side effects may include: the giggles, extreme fun, your mind being blown, and a new obsession with magic that will lead to the excessive binge-watching of magic trick tutorials on Youtube.