good tattoos come with a cosT

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Pins & Needles Tattoo Parlor

 No Crybabies Allowed 

Holy S#*t… you just secured an apprenticeship under one of the most acclaimed tattoo artists in the world: Paul Tompskins AKA Skinz. Now the question is - do you have what it takes to last? It seems like Skinz throws away more apprentices than the New York City Sanitation Department. 


It’s crucial that you and the team of other newbies make a solid impression on your first day at the shop. Show up, do your job, and don’t find yourself snooping around for anything that’s none of your damn business. You got that?


If you can survive his apprenticeship longer than the first day, I’m sure it will make for one hell of a good story. 


Parental Discretion Advised: This experience is suited for mature audiences and is not recommended for those below the age of 16

This experience contains:

  • Explicit language and imagery

  • Low or flashing lights

  • Light physical activity

  • Ominous environments

THE EXIT GAMES FL WARNING: This experience may cause the desire to run to the nearest tattoo shop and ink your whole body without giving a mother fudge. Other side effects may include: discomfort caused by extreme thrills, the growth of tougher skin, or crying like a little baby.